Romantic Romance Show that special person how much you love them.

Find your Romantic Side

Anyone who is involved in a long-term relationship knows that there are times when we seem to settle into a pattern. We know our partners and love them, but we are past the dating stage - we haven't been "wowing" him or her for a while. A few romantic touches can get the spark back into your relationship, or simply let the person know just how much you care.

Do you consider yourself a romantic by nature? Maybe you don't feel like romance is something that comes naturally to you - perhaps you need a little help and inspiration. A romantic spirit isn't necessarily an inborn trait, but it is something you can develop, with just a little help.

Romance is the simple, sweet and unexpected actions you take to show your loved ones how much you care. They need not be expensive, but they can also be luxurious (if funds allow). Let's look at some simple ideas:

  • Call your loved one when they are least expecting it, just to say hi and hear his or her voice.
  • Take her out dancing for a night - most men don't like to dance, but women love to go out for a night of dancing. It shows that you are willing to do something you don't necessarily love, because it's important to your partner.
  • Pack a lunch for your loved one with special food items he loves.
  • Secretly slip a little note into her briefcase or bag - telling her how much you love her and how special she is.
  • Create a list of 25 reasons you love your partner and then give it to him to review.
  • Call your partner and ask them on a date!
  • Create a mix of songs for your partner. Let him know you were thinking about him when you made the mix, or that the songs are important to you because they remind you of him.
  • Arrange for flowers or a gift to be delivered to your loved one.
  • Make him or her a special dinner. If you really want to be romantic, leave a trail of rose pedals from the front door to the dining room table. Use nice china, candles, cloth napkins, and candles. Make it an evening to remember.
  • Make sure you give your love a long, lingering kiss at least once a day.
  • Start your day by saying "I love you" to your spouse or partner.
  • Leave a single flower for your love on their pillow one night.

Sometimes simple actions convey much more love and affection than mere words can do. If you are feeling a little neglected, look at your partner. Is he or she doing little things for you that shows how much he or she loves you? True romance doesn't have to be just words; true romance is the loving, thoughtful actions you take to show your appreciation.